Although I supply Hotels, Restaurants and Golf Clubs, It was always the intention to supply heathy nutritious microgreens to the local community.

Healthy eaters, fitness, dietary, vegan, vegetarian and folks who would like a heathy alternative to their normal diet. Troon Microgreens can cater to all.

For 2020, I have introduced a simple to use subscription service with weekly free local delivery supplying micro mixes.

These can be eaten as a side salad, garnish on any meal or as a smoothie.

Smoothie makers and affordable food processors are also available.

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Free delivery to the Troon, Ayrshire, Scotland, (KA10). £1 delivery to Irvine (KA12) / Prestwick (KA9).

I harvest and deliver to your door, fresh microgreens on a Monday and Thursday.

Healthy eaters, fitness, dietary, vegan, vegetarian and folks who would like a heathy alternative to their normal diet. Troon Microgreens can cater to all.

What Exactly are Microgreens?

Essentially, Microgreens are edible seedlings of very common vegetables, herbs and flowers that are harvested during the cotyledon phase and prior to the seedling starting the true leaf phase of their life cycle. Besides being packed with high concentrations of nutrients, they also provide a wide variety of flavours and colours that are commonly eaten in salads, used as garnishes for dishes or put into smoothies for juicing.

Microgreens Nutrition

Believe it or not, these little plants pack quit the nutrient punch. Studies have shown that Microgreens are up to 40 times more nutrient rich then their full grown counter parts. Elevated levels of vitamin C (used for development and repair of the human body), E (powerful antioxidant) and K (helps responds to injuries), lutein (beneficial to the eyes)and beta carotene (precursor to Vitamin A) are all found in Microgreens.

Microgreens have Unique and Interesting Flavours

Microgreens sell themselves once you taste them. The nuttyness of the sunflower, the sweetness of the pea or the spicyness of the radish, each Microgreen has its own flavour. Just add some Microgreens to your dish, and it can be elevated to the next level and can create a number of complex flavours.

Ethical Local Growing.

Our Microgreens are grown and harvested locally thus reducing our carbon output significantly.

We don’t use fertiliser, insecticide or any other chemicals.

Compost, light and plain water are all that we use to produce tasty and healthy microgreens.

More Info.

How do they differ from other greens?

Microgreens are vegetable greens harvested just after the cotyledon leaves have developed (and possibly with one set of true leaves). They are consumed mainly for their nutritional value. Some studies show that Microgreens are between 10 to 40 times more nutritious than their counterparts. In addition to this, they are also used as a visual and flavour component, especially in fine dining restaurants. Microgreens have common traits with both sprouts and baby greens, however, they are even smaller than baby greens and larger than sprouts.

How can people use microgreens in cooking or making meals?

Chefs use colourful microgreens to enhance the attractiveness and taste of their dishes with distinct delicate textures and unique flavours, varying from sweet to spicy. Cooks and chefs are getting more familiar with microgreens nowadays and they are using them mainly in salads, side dishes or sprinkle them on to almost any dish.